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Games, Toys, Sports Equipment

Children's toys and playthings, namely: Snow and glitter domes; Glow-in-the-dark decorations; Foam projects; Needle craft and needlework; Casting and molding activities; Masks; Balloons; Decorations and toys made out of wax; Picture frames; Cardboard and lacing activities; 3-D paint-by-number; T-shirts for decorating; Multiple activity toys using string and nail, wooden sticks, wax, solid soap, clay and modeling clay; Board games and board game assortments sold in a carry-case; Kits for magic tricks; Blackboards, Dry-wipe board sets; Activity desks; Hobby craft kits, including weaving loom and yarn, markers, chalks, color pencils, crayons, finger paints, poster paints, watercolors, paint applicators, scissors, glitters, plastic sun catchers, buttons and badges; Candles and decorative candle jars; Soap; Bead critters and trinkets; Costume jewelry and hair ornaments; Beads and jewelry stands; Painted clay pots and clay projects; Woodworking activities; 3-D activity puzzles; Art activity illuminated boxes, light boxes and translucent colored peg kits for use in making illuminated pictures; Toy pegboards and/or colored plastic pegs or plastic tile kits for making pictures; Toy construction sets; Dolls and playthings for dolls; Toy plastic carry-cases; Battery-powered vehicles and accessories therefor; Jewelry making kits, B/O sewing machine sets; Color-in bags for girls; Nail dryer kits for girls, including artificial nails and decoration accessories, Hair tattoos, Creative tags; Lip gloss making kits; Purse makers; 3-D figures painting; Food making machines; Chocolate coin making machines, Ice cream making machines, Slush making machines, Popsicle making kits, Pasta making machines, Cotton candy making machines, Gum and lollipop making machines; Microwave baking activity sets; Eraser making sets, Easels; Glow pads for painting; Machines for making stickers, tattoos and magnets; Rock painting; Bottle sleeves


Diamant Toys, Ltd.

Business in Ashdod, IL

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