Trademark Coverage

Medical, Dental Instruments and Apparatus

Air mattresses for medical purposes; Baby bottles; Bed pans; Blankets, electric, for medical purposes; Crutches; Dental instruments, namely, picks, burrs and mirrors; Dentists' armchairs; Draw-sheets for sick beds; Hearing aids for the deaf; Incontinence bed pads; Incontinence sheets; Massage apparatus; Massage apparatus and instruments; Medical products, namely, therapeutic mattresses, beds, seats and cushions; Respirators for artificial respiration; Soporific pillows for insomnia; Sphygmomanometers; Support mattresses for medical use; Thermometers for medical purposes; Tongue scrapers; Urinals being vessels; Vibromassage apparatus; Air cushions for medical purposes; Heating cushions for medical purposes; Respiratory masks for artificial respiration

  • Feb 06
    New Application Entered In TRAM