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Clothing, Footwear and Headgear

Clothing, namely, hosiery, footwear, basketball shoes, basketball sneakers, T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, pants, tank tops, jerseys, shorts, pajamas, sport shirts, rugby shirts, sweaters, belts, ties, nightshirts, hats, caps, visors, warm-up suits, warm-up pants, warm-up tops/shooting shirts, jackets, wind resistant jackets, parkas, coats, baby bibs not of paper, head bands, wrist bands, aprons, undergarments, boxer shorts, slacks, caps, ear muffs, gloves, mittens, scarves, woven and knit shirts, jersey dresses, dresses, cheerleading dresses and uniforms, swim wear, bathing suits, swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, swim trunks, bathing trunks, board shorts, wet suits, beach cover-ups, bathing suit cover-ups, bathing suit wraps, sandals, beach sandals, beach hats, sun visors, swim caps, bathing caps, novelty headwear with wigs; Athletic bags, shoe bags for travel, overnight bags, umbrellas, backpacks, baby backpacks, knapsacks, duffel bags, tote bags, beach bags, beach tote bags, drawstring pouches, luggage, luggage tags, patio umbrellas, beach umbrellas, valises, attache cases, billfolds, wallets, briefcases, canes, business card cases, book bags, all purpose sports bags, golf umbrellas, gym bags, purses, coin purses, fanny packs, waist packs, cosmetic cases sold empty, garment bags for travel, handbags, key cases, leather key chains, suitcases, toiletry cases sold empty, trunks for traveling and rucksacks; pet clothing, pet leashes, and pet collars; Toys, games and sporting goods, namely, basketballs, golf balls, playground balls, sports balls, rubber action balls and foam action balls, plush balls for games, plastic balls for games, basketball nets, basketball backboards, miniature basketball backboards, pumps for inflating basketballs and needles therefore; golf clubs, golf bags, golf putters, golf putting greens, golf accessories, namely, divot repair tools, tees, ball markers, golf bag covers, club head covers, golf gloves, golf ball sleeves, electronic basketball table top games, basketball table top games, basketball board games, action skill games, adult's and children's party games, trivia information games and electronic video arcade game machines, basketball kit comprised of a net and whistle, dolls, decorative dolls, collectible dolls, toy action figures, bobblehead action figures, stuffed toys, plush toys, jigsaw puzzles, toy building blocks, Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas stockings; toy vehicles in the nature of cars, trucks, trains and vans, all containing basketball themes, novelty foam toys in the shapes of fingers and trophies, toy trophies, playing cards, card games, toy noisemakers, pet toys; beach toys, namely, beach balls, inflatable balls, toy pails, toy shovels, sand toys, sand box toys, water-squirting toys; pool accessories, namely, swim floats, pool floats, toy water rafts, foam floats, swim rings, pool rings, foam rings, body boards, surf boards, swim fins, surf fins, arm floats and water wing swim aids for recreational use; volleyball game kits comprised of ball, net, sidelines and whistle, and water polo game kits comprised of ball, net and whistle; decorative cloth wind socks; athletic equipment, namely, pads and protectors; games, toys, playthings and sporting equipment; Audio recordings and video recordings featuring entertainment and information in the field of basketball; audio discs, video discs, computer laser discs, pre-recorded audio and video cassettes, pre-recorded audio and video tapes, pre-recorded compact discs, pre-recorded computer laser discs, and downloadable data files, all featuring entertainment and information related to basketball; computer accessories, namely, mouse pads, computer monitor cardboard frames, all related to basketball; computer programs for viewing information, statistics or trivia about basketball; downloadable and non-downloadable software featuring basketball themes; computer skins, namely, fitted plastic film for covering and providing a scratch proof barrier for computer devices; computer game software; wireless telephones; radios, telephones, and cell phone accessories, namely, cell phone covers; video monitors, computer monitors, binoculars; sunglasses; eyeglass frames; eyewear straps and chains; eyeglass and sunglass cases; magnets; disposable cameras; credit cards and pre-paid telephone calling cards magnetically encoded; downloadable video recordings, and downloadable audio recordings in the field of basketball provided over the Internet; downloadable computer software for viewing databases of information, statistical information, trivia, polling information, and interactive polling in the field of basketball provided over the Internet; downloadable computer game software; downloadable trivia game software provided over the internet; downloadable computer software for use as screensavers and wallpaper, to access and display computer browsers, for use in viewing data on the Internet, for use in designing plastic film computer skins to protect computer monitors, for use in creating avatars for playing games and for use in remotely manipulating computer cursors over the Internet; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of magazines, newsletters, coloring books, game schedules all in the field of basketball provided over the Internet; downloadable catalogs provided over the Internet featuring an array of basketball-themed products; downloadable greeting cards provided over the Internet; software applications in the field of games and planners; Paper and paper goods; paper party supplies; paper flags and banners; publications and printed matter, namely, basketball trading cards, trading cards, stickers, decals, commemorative basketball stamps, collectible cardboard trading card discs, memorandum boards, clipboards, paper coasters, post cards, place mats of paper, facial tissues, note cards, memo pads, note pads, ball point pens, crayons, felt tip markers, rubber bands, pencils, pen and paper holders, desktop document stands, scrap books, rubber stamps, drafting rulers, paper banners and flags, 3-ring binders, stationery folders, wirebound notebooks, portfolio notebooks, unmounted and mounted photographs, posters, calendars, bumper stickers, book covers, bookmarks, wrapping paper, children's activity books, children's coloring books; statistical books, guide books, and reference books, all in the field of basketball; magazines in the field of basketball, catalogs in the field of basketball, commemorative game and souvenir programs related to basketball, paper pennants, stationery, stationery-type portfolios, post cards, invitation cards, printed certificates, greeting cards, Christmas cards, holiday cards, informational statistical sheets for basketball topics; newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, and game schedules in the field of basketball; bank checks, check book covers, check book holders, comic books; non-magnetically encoded credit cards and telephone calling cards not magnetically encoded; Plastic party supplies; Cloth flags and banners; Jewelry and key chains; Promoting sports league activity; Licensing of intellectual property associated with a sports league; Providing streaming audiovisual content over a computer network; Trophies of metal; Food and beverages


Big3 Basketball, LLC

Business in Santa Monica, CA

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