What does a Trademark protect?

Trademarks protect what customers use to identify and distinguish brands. Making sure your marks are properly registered is the best way to insure your brand's reputation and customer loyalty. You can trademark the name of a company, product or service, a phrase or slogan, a logo, and even identifying packaging or colors as trade dress.

Inventively can help you file for a trademark in just a few quick steps. We've developed a unique, simplified system to fill out the application on your own time instead of paying huge fees for lawyer hours, making obtaining trademarks cheaper than ever. But for the more complicated steps – like choosing the correct class – we're here to assist you. Before you start you can browse through the various sections for an overview of the process, costs, and figure out what exactly owning a trademark means.

How it's Protected
Excludes others from using your word, logo or slogan in your industry.
  • Associate exclusive icons, symbols or colors with your brand.
  • Prevent confusion of the source of your goods or services.
  • Protect your brand and reputation.

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Trademarks protect a word, logo or slogan associated with a business, product or service. Here are a few examples:


Word: "Google"

Logo: Target's bullseye, Nike swoosh, Air Jordan product logo

“Just do it”

Slogan: "Just do it"