Step 1

Answer Yes/No Questions

Answer simple to understand questions to determine patentability, help save on government fees and get your patent faster!

Step 2

Upload your logo or trade dress design

If your trademark covers a graphic design element like a logo or trade dress, use our easy-to-use upload system to submit your design.

Step 3

Sign your application

Electronically sign your trademark application, eliminating the need for any hassle with paper copies.

Step 4

Payment for any applicable fees

We automatically compute the least amount of fees required for the patent and trademark office.

Step 5

EFile your Application

After we review your application for completeness and accuracy, we will E-file your application directly with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Step 6

Get a Filing Date Fast

Once your application is filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, you will receive confirmation of your filing date in as little as 24 hours!