What is a Prior Art Search?

"Prior Art" is a term used to describe any and all information made available to the public before a given date that might be relevant to an invention's claims of originality. If an invention has been already described in prior art (especially if it has been over a year), then the invention may not be patentable. A "Prior Art Search" is a systematic scan of public information sources to determine whether or not an invention is truly original. Often, this involves checking patent databases, publications, and similar information sources. Inventively can conduct a prior art search for you to help determine what information already exists about your invention.

Why conduct a Prior Art Search?

Builds confidence

Discovering that there are designs similar to yours builds confidence that your design is truly unique and reinforces it's worth protecting.

Saves time and money

The Patent Office will not allow you to obtain a patent on a design or invention that has prior art (similar designs or evidence). Save your time and money for patentable designs.