What do they protect?

Design patents protect unique design, shape, or appearance of articles of manufacture such as furniture, toys, jewelry, beverage containers, computer icons, etc. You can file for a design patent by submitting drawings or photographs with an accompanying the description, a single claim, a basic description of the design article's use, an oath or declaration, and fees. Once granted, the design patent lasts for fourteen years and requires no maintenance fees.

How it's Protected
Excludes others from making, using, selling or importing for 14 years
  • Recognition and prestige as the original designer
  • Control of licensing or selling your patent
  • Confidence that your design will not be stolen during negotiations with manufactures

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Design Patents protect the unique appearance, shape or design of a useful object. Here are a few examples:

The design of a wedding ring

A graphical user interface for a medical company

A new shape for a science laboratory bottle